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Holiday Wedding Inspiration

Magical moments happen year round, yet there is something about Christmas that creates an even deeper feeling of magic. I absolutely love Christmas weddings, all the twinkling lights and romance are tenfold this time of year. Here are some thoughts and ideas for beautiful Christmas or winter weddings in Montana. It's already so easy to find a beautiful location in Montana, but what you do with it will create and ambiance both and you and your guests will never forget. 

Create a space that is cozy and full of warmth because lets face it, the weather is cold. Offer your guests blankets and hand warmers. Most opt for a short ceremony outside and then move the festivities inside a venue like a beautiful lodge or barn. Bring in lots of candlelight and offer warm drinks at the bar, alcohol infused coffee and cocoa are tasty ideas to warm up your guests. The decor in this picture gives a sense of romance and togetherness. 

It is also important that your bridal party stays warm as most decide to have their photos taken outside. Men have it a bit easier as they have long sleeves and jacket to keep them warm. Your ladies won't have it so easy, most dress material is thin, sleeveless and doesn't  look so great with snow boots. These ladies are stunning in fur wraps over their shoulders and arms to offer some partial warmth from the snow. Have a organized plan with your photographer so the photo shoot can go as quickly and smoothly as possible allowing everyone to get inside. Brides have also used plaid and wool blankets to follow suit with the theme of winter and Christmas.

Flowers with fur, pine, snow and pops of red make a statement and everyone will fall in love. Poinsettias are an obvious choice for a Christmas plant, but you can be creative using thinks like Dogwood sticks, Juniper, white berries, green Hydrangeas, and don't forget the Mistletoe Kissing Booth. In lieu of a money dance have cute kiss the bride or groom for money and use Mistletoe!

Next think comfort food, anything and everything that make you think of the Holidays and family favorites and traditions. Picture this, your guest sit down to herb roasted chicken or ham, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and of course if you choose green bean casserole. Incorporated family style seating will make if feel even more like a Christmas celebration.

An important aspect of weddings and Christmas are the desserts. With all sorts of flavors to pick from, some of my favorites are red velvet, peppermint, cherry, white chocolate, fudge and gingerbread, you could have a most impressive dessert bar as well as a beautiful cake.  Some people are still opting to do the naked cake and this one is the perfect combination of winter and Christmas without being overly festive.

The key to the perfect Christmas wedding is in the atmosphere and family. Keep in mind to create a feeling that comes from within verses something that just looks nice and all your guests from both sides will feel like family immediately.

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