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What Flowers are Best?

This is a great question and there are many pros and cons to certain flowers. Questions within the question what flowers are best are; which flowers are most affordable, what flowers with withstand the summer heat, and which flowers are currently trending.

On average couples spend between $1500 and $2000 on flowers. The cost covers bouquets, centerpieces and other floral arrangements to make their wedding beautiful. Of course there are people who spend a lot more and less. Being savvy about which flowers are in season and affordable can help you navigate the world of floral design.

Let's start with affordable flowers​, don't worry you don't have to break the bank to have beautiful flowers. Buy what is in season, even if you have this elaborate flower design in your head, if it's not in season they will cost more. Here is a short list of inexpensive flowers so long as they are in season. Stock Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Hydrangeas, Daisy Sprays, Solidago, Carnations, Alstoemeria, Tulips, Baby's Breath, Lemon Leaf, Blue Thistle and Rice Flower. There are also options depending on where you live to go pick your own and it won't cost a penny. I don't recommend picking wildflowers in the state Montana as they are protected but there are many things you can go cut yourself depending on the season. I really enjoy adding Dogwood sticks to arrangements for added height. Some areas will allow you to cut ferns or grasses. Here in the valley we have cattails, wheat, pine branches, and moss to name a few. There's always the option to grow you own as well but I discourage it and tell the couple to leave money in their budget to buy because growing your own is not predictable on blooming in time for your big day.

Now I know for me my busiest season is summer and majority of weddings are outside either in a barn or under a tent or pavilion but while they create shade the heat of summer can still affect your pretty posies. While researching I found out that a dense woody type stem will hold up to heat better than a soft stem. I found this out first hand at a wedding this summer as well. The fern held up far better than the Ranunculus.  Here are a few types of flowers that can withstand the heat of summer; Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Carnations, Peruvian Lilies, Succulents, Billy Balls, Garden Rose, Rudbeckia Pod, Thistle, Dahlia, Peony, Sunflowers, Seeded Eucalyptus and quite a few more. Your florist can direct you to exactly what will work best for your event. There is always one flower that doesn't even need water! The forever silk flower. Some people are very against using fake flowers but if you choose wisely and mix some real with fake I guarantee no one will know without literally touching them. You don't have to worry about flowers being in season either. The other problem faux vs real solves is if anyone has aversions to smells or pollen then your guests will be happy. 

Trending for 2019 are beautiful bright colors and white is be a thing of the past and something you want to avoid if you want the perfect in style wedding. Peonies are very popular and it's no wonder why with all those delicate petals and vibrant colors. Keep in mind that peonies are in season only 2 months out of the year in the spring and anything beyond that is going to cost you. Thank goodness most flowers come in a multitude of colors. While there isn't a specific flower that is trending this coming year it is definitely all about the color. Pick flowers in jewels tones and bright hues. We won't know what the color of the year will be till December but I will make sure to tell all of you. One thing ifs for sure, the weddings this year will not be dull.

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