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Best Ways to Tie the Knot in 2019

This post is going to be a bit longer than the others but 2019 is going to bring some different things to the table for weddings. Whether it's what your wedding will look like or what it will smell like, from glitter dresses to illustrated invitations. One of my favorite things is color! White is a thing of the past and colors get to take a stand and really shine through at upcoming nuptials this year.  I absolutely love color and my signature is to add a pop of bright colors to any decor.  A group of people at Pantone decide the colors for every year and it sets the tone for clothing, decor and... Weddings. We are going to see a lot of color coming in through florals and accent pieces. No longer will we see white tablecloths, white napkins, white dresses. Everything will be a slight shade off or a bright shade to liven up the celebration. Check out this link for 2019 colors of the year!

Check out the link below

Staying on the subject of colors the metallic color for 2019 is Gold. Wether its a bright shiny gold or a dull brass, gold is making a come back. Copper and Rose Gold are out and will be diminishing along with the marble look we were pairing them with. Expect gold flatware, candlesticks, vases and accent pieces to become the base for the focal points. Gold and Champagne will also be in for bridesmaid dresses as well as lots of glitz and glam. We will see bridesmaid dresses laden in glitter and sequins. More elegant silhouettes will take center stage to accent the brides dress.

Something else to be really excited about is getting to play with scents. Although it has not quite hit the US yet, in Europe people are scenting their weddings. You can choose to use candles (if the venue permits open flame), diffusers, or the real things. Opt for a smell that will not put off your guests such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citrus, Rose or Pine. You can theme your wedding around the scent. Picture bowls full of bright oranges with Eucalyptus poking out of it, this also makes for an inexpensive arrangement that you can do yourself. You can have your guests toss sachets of Lavender as you return down the aisle as husband and wife. Anything you choose can add to the ambiance of your day just remember to use scents that will be gentle and not overpowering.

This next item is very pleasing to the eye, illustrated and unique invitations. Brides and grooms are getting really creative with the way they are announcing their union to each other. This is something that has been around for a little while but is now catching on as a trend. They are illustrations of the couple or what the wedding theme will look like. Check out the save the date where you open the card and it "ties the knot". These creative invitations are really letting the bride and groom show their personality as individuals and as a couple.

Montana is my home and home to Glacier Park, Flathead Lake and the Great Northern Rockies, therefore I love this trend for 2019. Bringing the outdoors in! Here in the Flathead Valley that would look something like adding pine, ferns, dogwood branches, logs and any other plant that grows here wild. There are many beautiful plants to bring inside your venue or tent to make it feel like you are outside or in the woods. Some choices of greenery are Eucalyptus,  Boxwood,  Magnolia Leaves and Lambs Ear. You can bring it in with over the top arrangement such as whole trees or tone it down but using just a sprig of fern or a wood charger under your plates. Using only greenery or adding your wedding color in a floral to mix in. The ideas are limitless and inexpensive, especially if you know someone with property and they are willing to let you harvest the beauty of nature. Get creative by making your own garlands or wreaths

There are a few other wedding trends that are hitting the scene such as hints of black or dark colors, more elegant and less boho, sweetheart tables instead of head tables, grazing tables in lieu of buffets or plated dinners, and making sure you wedding is eco friendly. As I always say, it's your day and you can have the wedding you want but there really are some trends this year that will make you day so special and memorable. I've added some beautiful pictures below of ideas for the new year.

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