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Book of Love Weddings Kalispell Augusta Montana Julie Gremaux Photography

The Book of Love is long and boring and written very long ago....

Welcome to Book of Love Weddings & Events. We offer an array of packages from Full Wedding planning services to Baby Showers and Secret Proposals. Located in Kalispell, Montana, we have been making couples wedding day special for many years. Weddings here in the Flathead Valley and surrounding areas are absolutely breathtaking but have a lot of details that require attention. It's very helpful to have someone be your right hand in everything. Be it something of high importance like finding a venue or caterer or something simpler such as which candles to use. It's nice to have someone to delegate those tasks to or for a second opinion if you're not sure. My part in the whole process is to help you make decisions, be a mediator, and do all of the set up and coordination. Then on your day, you, your partner and family can enjoy the festivities instead of running around wondering where things are or where they go. Everything will be stress free when you have a wedding planner doing all the heavy lifting in the background.

Book of Love Weddings Evelyn Pace Photog
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